Back in the fall I finished this quilt for a neighbour’s first grandchild, Logan. I was in a bit of time crunch so decided I would like to make a stroller blanket rather than a full crib size. There were lots of baby girl prints to choose from at the store but acquiring enough variety for a boy’s quilt was a little more difficult. I wanted something bright and fun.

Each of the squares are 5.5″ finished with 25 blocks altogether. For a simple contrast I machine sewed lines diagonally from corner to corner. Painters tape does a wonderful job of keeping my lines straight.

Since this quilt was a gift for a new mom I needed a little tag to add. I looked around the net for some good ideas for quick and simple tag ideas. I made this tag by taping some plain white cotton to a piece of paper and running it through my inkjet printer. A little crooked in spots but that adds to the charm don’t you think?