Hiatus  –  an interruption in time or continuity; a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted.

I have been MIA for almost an entire year now. The beginning of my hiatus can be traced back to an illness that put me down for over six weeks and by the time I emerged out the other side listless and fatigued my sewing mojo had up and moved out. They do that now and then you know. Well this mojo didn’t return for a long, long time. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever coming back. But come back it did and it is time to get on with the business of getting on.

In that almost-year that I was in hiding I was able to do a lot of thinking. And listening. A new Cotton and Linen is slowing taking shape and will be emerging over time. Let’s not rush things now, shall we?  But for starters I’ll just pick up where I left off and grow from there.

See you tomorrow!