About Bonnie



I learned to sew from my mother at a very young age. I remember my first project was an apron. I sometimes wish I still had that apron to look back on but perhaps my perception of how well I did on it is far better than reality.

I continued to sew for many years later but somehow it fell by the wayside much too long ago. My children are independent now and feeling at a loss for lack of being needed I have been searching for ‘what to do when I grow up’. It has come down to two things: cooking and cloth. I have been cooking since I was old enough to turn on the stove and will continue this passion for many years to come. Sewing and cloth on the other hand is screaming to resurface.

Of late, I have been pouring over books, magazines and the internet on sewing. I can’t seem to get enough of it. This blog ‘Cotton and Linen’ reflects my love of natural fibres. It’s purpose is to force me to focus on projects, to begin and more importantly to finish them. I hope that in sharing my projects with you it will bring some joy and inspiration to you as well.



8 thoughts on “About Bonnie”

  1. the site looks great. now we can work on mine.

  2. Hi,
    Enjoyed your site. Colorful, creative. I just got my blog up. I can access it and add/edit but CAN NOT FIND IT THROUGH GOOGLE. So congrats. I’m trying not to grind my teeth to stumps over the blog thing. Just keep researching and trying to locate it.

    • Hi Bibi! Found you right off. I didn’t Google though, just clicked on your link. So Congrats, you are up and running and it looks great. Love the pics. Yes, this blog thing is a learning curve but I’m having fun with it every day. Cheers!

  3. Crowbate kate said:

    Bon Bon! We know your good at what you know you can do, but ya gotta be like a “Finn” and finnish it.

  4. Bon! Found”IT!” Talk to you later.

  5. nicely done bonnie.

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