The New Sewing Room Colour

Wow, I just realized it’s been almost two weeks since a post. It has been hectic. First the painting had to be finished (that was a longer job than I planned!), then Thanksgiving came and went – it was good to have family and friends around the table, after that the customary “the-big-day-is-done-so-my-body-can-let-down-it’s-guard-and-get-sick” time ensued, and finally I had to do a project to show off. (Just between us we won’t tell my husband that I’ve been calling this the “Sewing Room”. He thinks it’s called “The Lounge”. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?) The paint colour is called “Bonjour” from C2.

Here’s my latest project!

I chose the “Cozy Cube” from Anna Maria Horner’s “Seams to Me”.

I wanted to use up some of that delectable new fabric I’ve been collecting. I chose some bright colours and made the box in two different prints with a third inside. The pattern called for some heavy, double-sided fusible interfacing. It’s very stiff and does a wonderful job of holding up the sides. The end product was originally supposed to be an 8″ X 8″ cube but I chose to make mine a little smaller. Mine is 5″ X 5″. It got a little fiddly in spots and difficult to iron the interfacing on to a 3-dimensional box but I was quite pleased with the outcome.

In the end there was only one slight problem. In my zealousness to finish the cube the fabric sides ended upside down! A detail I’ll definitely remember for the next time!

On to the next project!