A sneak peek at the colour going up in the new sewing room.

The dropcloths are laid, the painting has begun, but oh, the agony. Do you ever feel like everyone and everything is against you when you all you really want to do is get your teeth into a project? It seems life gets in the way and takes over at every turn. It’s been non-stop interruptions throughout this painting project and the job is only half-done.

To appease my creative soul, however, one of the interruptions was a trip to the fabric store. A lovely little quilt shop I’ve only just discovered. Without a specific project in mind I chose to stock up on as many different kinds of fabrics as I could. I stood in front of the fat quarter wall for a good hour pulling out samples and trying patterns and colours together in different colourways. In the end I left with two series that included some Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacob prints with two meters of co-ordinating plains. It was a very fruitful trip. Oh, and then I decided I needed a new sketchpad to scribble my ideas into. I think it needs a nice fabric covering, don’t you?

Back to the paintbrush…..