It seems I can find any number of activities that keep me from my sewing. Sick kids, appointments, dirty laundry, making meals. You get the drift. Today’s distraction was a visit to a small town outside of my big town in search of some good home-cooking for breakfast after a visit to the bank. Well the home-cooking wasn’t anything to write home about so I won’t go into those details but I did find a wonderful fabric shop located just across the road. It was a mecca of colour and texture. Lots of wonderful quilting fabric with a wall of gorgeous yarn to boot. I’ll leave the knitting for another day. Much as I like a lovely knitted sweater they take far too long for this novice to complete. I’ll stick to the speed of a sewing machine for now.

The find of the day was some beautiful Amy Butler fabric that I’d been ogling over on the internet. There was more than enough to choose from and I had to keep my purchases down to a dull roar so in the end I picked up some fat quarters to whet my appetite. But now that I know where that little shop lives I’ll be back. Here is a sampling of my meager purchase of the day. Now, what to do with it? Any ideas?