Well, I finally got to cutting out the pieces for the Broadturn Bag. I managed to squeeze out enough pieces to make two bags. Here you’ll see two fronts, two backs, two bottoms (an inside and an outside) and two straps. I tend to over-analyse most things in my life and this was no exception. This is really just a simple unlined bag that could have been completed by now but as usual I wanted it to be perfect. After much contemplation I decided the pattern on the fabric was a little busy so I would add a little interest with some trim on the bottoms of the bags. Not only that I could turn that trim into a small pocket for keys or a cellphone. Once I made that decision I spent much deliberation in my stash until I found some pieces that would work. I also cut out a bottom to match each of the trim pieces. That way the outside bottom will be the same as the trim and the inside bottom will match the bag fabric.

I’m ready to sew!