The world of fibre art has been intriguing me of late. The use of so many different textiles – cloth, yarn, silk, etc. – are used to create a myriad of artistic results. To expand my knowledge (and begin a stash of various fibres)  I stopped into a beautiful little shop today called Wabi Sabi. Their specialty is a unique blend of knitting, spinning, weaving, felting and fibre. It was a mecca of colour and texture. I made it around the store a full three times and still didn’t see everything they had to offer. Without a specific project in mind I picked up only a few odds and ends to whet my taste with. I know I’ll be back for many more visits and most likely to take some of their interesting class offerings.

On the left is a collection of dyed, uncombed wool. In the middle a bit of this and that – ends from several different balls of yarn. And on the right some delicate silk ribbon. Enough to start my foray into the world of fibre art. Perhaps you’ll see some of the results in the future.