I have found a new sewing space in my house. You may recall my original sewing room – the messy one – that I showed you a picture of a few posts ago. Well, rather than clean it up I have found a new space to encroach upon.

This requires a bit of background information but I’ll try and keep it brief. About a month ago, we decided to move our two teenage boys into the basement as their sleeping quarters. They were more than ecstatic about this decision and moved furniture and music equipment and computer equipment down to their new space. I like to call it The Pit. They also moved the couch that we used to watch television from upstairs to one of the bedrooms. The TV however did not make it upstairs. They have absconded with it for their video games. I don’t mind. It leaves me more time to read, sew and blog!

We also used to have our office (my husband and I share a home office) in the basement. The boys were kind enough (read ‘excited enough’) to help move all the office equipment up to the second floor as well. So now we have completely taken over the second floor for ourselves. Besides the master bedroom we now have an office and a lounge. It’s very decadent! The rooms are bright and welcoming and I love our new spaces.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, however, I have begun to move some of my sewing paraphernalia up to the lounge a bit at a time. I’m only taking up the closet space so I don’t feel like I’m taking too much of the space for myself but you might get an argument about that out of my husband. Especially in light of the fact that he only just finished constructing the old sewing room out of some storage space in the basement just last winter.

I intend to keep my old sewing room as my main storage area and stash but I love the bright new space I have found to do my actual sewing. There’s still lots to do to pull it all together and some leftovers on the shelves from the boys to get rid of but I’ll be working away at that project daily. The room does need a coat of paint as well. Some colour don’t you think? But I’ll keep the sewing area bright white for a clean palate to showcase my cloth.

Here’s a picture of the old and the new.

The Old Sewing Room

The New Sewing Room