The feeling of cotton and linen between my fingers elicits nothing short of bliss. I can walk into a fabric store and do nothing but walk around between the bolts of eye candy and rub the cloth between my fingers. I tend to stay away from the man-made fabrics. Instead I am drawn to the bolts and bolts of natural fibres. Thus the name for this new blog.

I have decided that in order to “follow my bliss” and spend my precious time working with fibre (something I have sadly neglected for far too many years) I need some medium to force me to focus on projects and bring them to completion. And so my blog is born. It is mostly for myself but I find joy in folowing other seamstresses ongoing pursuits so I hope that mine provides some joy for you as well.

So, what will my first project be? I have so many in mind. Something simple. Something fast. The satisfaction of a completed project to get the momentum going. This will take a trip to my sewing room to root through the stash. That in itself will be a feat.

My messy sewing room 😦

Here are some books that I’ve been perusing of late…

And now for some of the projects that look interesting as a starting point…

From ‘French General Home Sewn’ by Kaari Meng:

A Lavender Heart Pillow

Something to go along with my homemade bread, A Bread-Warming Seed Bag. The bottom is filled with flax seed that warms in the oven or microwave and keeps your bread warm at the table. How clever!

The Party Garland. I can imagine this done up in all sorts of colourways. For kids, for girly girls, and for adult parties too!

The Butcher’s Apron. Everyone needs a good utilitarian apron and this one fits the bill perfectly.

And the Farmer’s Market Tote. I love all kinds of bags:

From a lovely book I just discovered yesterday. ‘Carefree Clothes for Girls’ by Junko Okawa.

An Apron and Babushka Scarf:

This is simply beautiful. A Dress with a Quilted Bodice:

So adorable:

A Treasure Bag:

My aunt Caroline in Saskatoon is an avid quilter. She imparted a love of all things quilted in me. From ‘Pretty Little Patchwork’ from Lark Books, these are  Lavender Eye Pillows by Belinda Andresson:

Imagine all the wonderful things you could store in a multitude of these pretty Soft Boxes:

And last but not least, a City Satchel from ‘Sew What! Bags’ by Lexie Barnes: